Welcome to the website for the churches of St Giles’ Whittington, St Mary’s Weeford and St Bartholomew’s Hints.

We are three churches in the South Staffordshire area of the Lichfield Diocese, each one serving our own villages in our own way and rejoicing in our unique identities while at the same time supporting and encouraging each other in our common goal to serve God and our communities as well as we can.

We also take our responsibilities as custodians of our very pretty buildings and churchyards very seriously and love to show them off to others. You can find us located just outside Lichfield so please do pop in and see us “in the flesh” if you are ever in the area.

Our vicar, the Rev’d Fiona Haskett (above, with members of all three congregations in St Giles’ Church, Whittington, on 25 January 2015), has recently moved to a new parish in Headcorn, Kent, after six years of incredibly hard work serving the people of Whittington, Weeford and Hints and bringing God’s word to communities and individuals. We thank God for Fiona’s ministry, love and support to us all.

If you would like to talk to someone in one of our three churches please contact the appropriate churchwardens:

  • Whittington: Cath Gibbs (01543 433249) or Richard Dyott (01543 262300)
  • Weeford: Angela Brookhouse (01543 411537) or Nigel Brough (01543 480157)
  • Hints: Jeannette White (01543 480066)